Local Marketing

It has never been easier to reach your local customers!

As a small business owner, juggling all the demands of a business plus marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming. Wilkin is here to help you.  Wilkin makes it easy to target your local customers with a marketing message that resonates and hits the target. We utilize multiple channels to get your message delivered on time and in the right hands.

Direct Mail Marketing

Our Direct Mail is pinpoint targeted to reach the right customers. We have several strategies that can deliver mail.

First Touch _ A New Home Owner Program
Reach new home owners in the neighborhood with a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” postcard with custom offer and details about your service.

Get in Touch_ Targeted Mailers to Neighors
Use your data to your advantage. Target neighbors of your customer’s with a custom postcard about your services and current offers.

Custom Mailer
We have so many sizes and types of mailers to reach your customers.  Contact us to receive samples and learn more, (859) 817-0116

Digital Marketing

It has never been easier to get your company in front of the right customer. Let us leverage our many digital tools to give you a well rounded marketing campaign.

Web Banners _ Geo and IP Targeting
We create marketing that acts as a digital billboard.  We can pinpoint target your ads to a certain address and certain time, so your message always hits the mark.

Social Media_ It’s enticing, engaging, and effective.
Let us manage your social media with daily/weekly scheduled posts.  Let us manage your customer feedback and engage them on a new level.

SEM/SEO_Reach your buyers at the point of search
We can get you to the top of the list of search queries for your industry, product, services and much more!

Email Marketing
Whether used as a stand alone promotion or in conjunction with a direct mail campaign, our email marketing can reach the inbox of customers around your store.

Branding and Design

All of your marketing strategies must come together in stunning creative that captures attention and creates a dialogue.

Branding and Design
Our multi-channel marketing strategy will keep your message consistent and relevant across all verticals.

Web Development and Design
Our creative team knows the ins and outs of creating a cohesive website that will resonate with your target audience.

Creative Campaign & Marketing Strategy
Our team of designers can deliver results across many marketing channels. We know how to integrate tried and true technology with new and upcoming channels  to create fantastic results.