Reach all of your IN-MARKET-PLAYERS with surgical accuracy using state of the art multi-channel interactive marketing.

Email Marketing

There is no better or more direct way to let potential visitors know about all that awaits them than with an email marketing campaign.

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Banner Ads

Add the latest marketing technology to your arsenal with our IP targeted banner ads. Reach the modern customer!

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Specialty Kiosks

Specialty Kiosk drive traffic and capture valuable customer information with on-site, customized, and personalized kiosks.

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PURLs and Landing Pages

Give your marketing a landing page! Easily generate leads, give a place for your offers to live &and collect important information.

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Webtrax™ Software

Registers guest, awards prizes, prints information and reports in real-time to dashboard tool, so you see immediate results!

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Amplified Email

The best results on the market today! Engaging email marketing combined with unique PURL’s and “Zero Rings™”

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