Political Marketing

Let our marketing expertise work for your campaign!


Target people where they spend the most time: their smart phones and tablets.

We drive voters to the polls.

Studies show that you can reach an audience of 10,000+ smart phone and tablet users to precisely target potential voters using GPS location using popular apps and mobile sites. This is the most advanced, precise technology in the industry today.


Most Internet ads miss their target. With Wilkin, your message will hit the right target.

We get your message to the right people.

We have the ability to reach your intended online constituents for pennies on the dollar with surgical accuracy – all without the use of cookies – and at the exact time of your choosing.  We can pinpoint their home address and have your message reach their mobile devices and computers connected to their home router.


Our design team can create a cohesive campaign that covers all of your marketing materials, including but not limited to donor letters, postcards, rackcards and more! We can pull demographics like age, gender, income, presence of children, voting record and party affiliation.

Key to a successful campaign…..the list

We create the right message that resonates with the right audience!


We can reachy your constituents with eye-catching emails much like the direct mail pieces we deliver.  In fact we can package all our products together anddeliver your constituents an omni-channel campaign that hits their mailboxes, inboxes, mobile devices and more!

We send creative emails…..

that get high opens and click throughs!!