Email Marketing

Email advertising made easy

Whether used as a stand alone promotion or in conjunction with a direct mail campaign, our email marketing can reach the inbox of customers around your store. Our dynamic email database consists of 125 million unique subscribers, representing 57% of the U.S. internet community.

Each subscriber has requested offers, specials and promotions from businesses in their community.

We know where each of these subscribers live – when a consumer opts-in to receiving email advertisements, they provide their full name, current postal address and email address.

We can reach these customers with eye-catching emails much like the direct mail pieces we deliver. Hyperlinks within the email can be utilized to take customers to your very own online kiosk much like the kiosk shown on the previous pages of this book. This feature gives you the ability to use sweepstakes and other prizes to attract customers, first to the online game, then into your store. We can also send them directly to your website.

Wilkin’s distributed supercomputing technology ensures delivery of email advertisements to the consumer’s inbox.

  • Our email delivery technology is so powerful that it is the back-end outsourced delivery engine for many of our competitors
  • This enabling technology, coupled with our huge database of 125 million subscribers, puts the power of email marketing in the hands of all businesses
  • We have created a unique value proposition for businesses wanting to advertise on a local or national level, or wanting to stay in touch with their current customer base
  • Match & Mail – Let us match your customer list to our 125 million email subscribers. We generally can match 25% to 40% of your list.