CodeKase is the revolutionary new direct mail product that is taking the industry by storm.  The first and only electronic device designed to use with your direct mail that engages consumers with an eye-catching backlit LED Display.

CodeKase™ can drive your consumers to your physical store, an event location, a website landing page, or social media page. CodeKase™ enables you to see the direct response of the consumers.

Direct Response Marketing Will Be Changed Forever!

The CodeKase™ is a patent-pending revolutionary marketing product that can be customized to meet the needs of various industries. The imaging can be personalized to include your casino’s name, promotional dates, seasonal images or message and much more. The Casino CodeKase™ is unrivaled due to the fact that it is brand new to the gaming industry. CodeKase™ in other industries has resulted in increased traffic and ROI that is unmatched by competitors. The success of the CodeKase™ franchise is attributed to its eye catching design that ignites intrigue and plays on the most basic of human emotions.