Direct Mail

Wilkin Marketing has direct mail programs that include the ability to provide your retailers with access to the best targeted mailing list options or to merge your retailers’ customer list into our consumer profiled demographic list. Wilkin Marketing will provide you a free market analysis around your location. We can pull demographics like age, gender, income, presence of children or even birthdays. Wilkin Marketing can also pull all new homeowners in a particular radius around their location.

Wilkin Marketing mailed over 200 million pieces last year that we printed and produced in house. We’ve mastered how to move mail “reasonably” all over the country, even Alaska and Hawaii. With Wilkin Marketing’s “in house” mail sorting systems and our special drop ship program, we can move your mail with the best postal cost in the industry. We can hit requested in-home dates all over the country without using expensive First Class mail. This gives Wilkin Marketing the ability to market direct mail programs that deliver the best ROI.

Wilkin Marketing has its very own post office – It’s called a Detached Mail Unit – We have a United States Postal Employee on site every day. Their job is to ensure the integrity of the mail, presort verify every mailing and collect the postage before we ship the mail to your local postal facility.

Direct Mail Samples