Is Proud To Introduce ZeroRings™ Entertainment!


A Powerful way to Strengthen Audience Relationships, Grow Curiosity, & Build Excitement about your upcoming campaign/event. 



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ZeroRings™ Entertainment 

Drop a message directly into the audience’s voicemail without ever ringing the phone!


  • Cost Effective

Ringless Voicemail costs much less than paying any employees to call each person on your database list!

  • Non-Intrusive

The message goes straight to voicemail without ever ringing their phone.  100% legal and compliant with FCC Laws.

  • Personal Touch

Create and Record your OWN PERSONAL message or have one our specialists assist you.  A voicemail in your own voice is more personable than email or direct mail campaigns.  Oh, and did we mention ZeroRings is great for sending a Celebrity Endorsed message!!!

  • Great Response Rate

We are seeing Great response rates.  96% Voicemail Listen to Rate.  We also have the capability for International!

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3!

ZeroRings has a quick and easy 3 step process!  A Message, Your Data, the Date/Time to deploy is all we need to get a campaign off the ground in less than 24-hour notice.

Celebrity Endorsements:


Oscar De La Hoya – Fight Night


Erik Estrada – America’s Greatest Game Show


ZeroRings™ Creditability Logo’s:



  • TOP 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards

Presented by the Casino Journal


  • Silver Award for the Marketing Game Changers Award

Presented by the Casino Journal