Metrolite and Metropolis

The MetroLite Kiosk keeps true to our company’s mission to provide better kiosks through intelligent design. It’s designed to be sleek and modern to promote your company’s image and provide the best fully functional multimedia kiosk experience.

The MetroLite Kiosk comes standard with a 19” LCD touchscreen, and has the options for a receipt printer and/or keyboard and trackball. Standard powder coat colors are available, as well as optional graphic wrapping for your company’s brand.

The MetroLite Kiosk can be adapted for nearly all market solutions such as Check-in Kiosks, Promotional Kiosks, and Retail Kiosk , as well as a full Concierge Kiosk. This attractive, user friendly kiosk will definitely give your company that leading edge in these growing environments for self-service kiosks.

  • Compact Footprint
  • Capture valuable marketing data
  • Loyalty is what drives us.